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II International Conference
Digital Signage
Trends 2011

Digital Carriers
As An Element Of Modern Marketing Communications

Honorary Patronage: Polish Digital Signage Association
General Sponsor: NEC Display Solutions
Venue: Novotel Airport Hotel, 1. Sierpnia 1, Warsaw

Date: 7-8 June 2011


The second edition of International Digital Signage Trends Conference 2011 was finished on the 8th of June this year in Warsaw. Over 250 people interested in subject of digital marketing communications were taking part in this event. During the two-days lasting forum were made thematic discussions which attracted huge interest and about 40 lectures was given. The substantial patronage over the enterprise – which was organized by 4D Media Relations Agency – took trade society The Polish Digital Signage Association.

The Conference has shown wide range of multimedia solutions used in modern marketing communications – and I think this is its great success. The combination expo part with conference seems to be right idea, and even more – we have connected almost every realm of knowledge related to Digital Signage – comments Grzegorz Góralczyk, Director of Digital Signage Department in SQM.

When organizers were constructing the agenda, they have regarded the matter very widely and in detail. First of all, many case studies were analysed during the Conference, both polish and foreign. The lectures about realization of Digital Signage systems were dedicated to implementations, inter alia in shops like Empik or Tesco, airline Lufthansa, BMW showrooms, Burger King restaurants, also in commercial galleries and clubs. Participants might find out more about such news like e.g. interactive mirrors or kiosk with digital menu to collect orders.

Not only advertising systems were presented, but also those dealing with information, e.g. supporting public administration or law courts. Issue of equipment was widely discussed during the Conference as well. The extensive thematic blocks were related to carriers, Digital Signage players and DS software.

The participants of Digital Signage Trends 2011 with huge interest were taking part in Content Day, conducted by Andrea Le Vot, Marketing & Research Menager at BlueFox company, which is european lider in providing content for digital monitors. At the meeting, there were some examples of using content on displays. The mistakes made within creating multimedia resources were commented and analysed in detail. The participants of Content Day, who only start with own Digital Signage business, had chance to discuss with colleagues and to find out more in this matter.

During two days of Conference, there was also the Digital Signage Expo at the same time as lectures. The producers of equipment, DS computer solutions and subjects projecting, implementing and managing DS networks presented their solutions in two exhibition halls, in the area of 400 m2.

Lectures and trainings became the background for many fruitful business conversations, because the Conference involved the main players on DS market in Poland, as well as many companies and institutions interested in this form of communication with client.

Pawel Noga, Member of Management in DDS Poland Sp. z o. o. said about Digital SIgnage Trends: DST Conference 2011 was very important event in digital signage branch in Poland. More and more people and companies – final customers – interested in digital communication took part in very comprehensive panels and lectures, which means the real need of education the market and show the best practices and exchange the opinions. A lot of companies, which compete with each other commonly, during this occurrence united their forces in order to propagate the idea of modern technologies used in business. Thanks to foreign guests’ presence, DST is becoming international event, its prestige is growing and the visitors may familiarize with solutions used in Europe or in the world. To sum up, I think DST this year was successful enterprise, which opens the way to our branch and allows potential clients to get to know about available solutions and achievements in direct way. I am sure that our company will participate in next DST events.

During the Conference, the Polish Digital Signage Association awarded prizes to companies, which are using modern Digital Signage products in advertising, promotional and informative systems, as well as to content creators, producers and integrators of Digital Signage systems, DS networks and objects owners. The Contest’s target was to reward in few categories best products and services, applied in Digital Signage branch in Poland and their promotion at the DST 2011 Conference. One of the winners was SQM company. For SQM, it was first meeting like this, so we are glad the more so because we had chance to present innovative solutions Grassfish, and at the same time our work was appreciated by the PDSA award for model Digital Signage installation at Remes Hotel – said Grzegorz Goralczyk, the Director of Digital Signage Department in SQM.

Mariusz Orzechowski, initiator of the Conference, Vice President of PDSA, Director of NEC Display Solutions in Poland, said after it was finished: I assess DST 2011 very positive. Of course my opinion is a bit subjective, because I was strongly engaged in essential preparing DST 2011, however from the perspective of my expectations both as an organizer and as a sponsor, I find DST 2011 a great success. Very tight conference schedule was put into practice entirely and thanks to this participants might take part in so 39 interesting and – what is important – various lectures, everybody could choose something for himself. The expo part, which was not only bigger in 2009, but first of all it was much more essentially interesting, also attracted more participants’ attention. I was afraid of the interest about the Content Day and PDSA Contest, because both were organized for the first time. For the Content Day there was small room, originally planned for 10 people. At the meeting there were 14 people who participated actively. It has shown that thematic trainings are needed and it is worth continuing with improved formula from year to year. The same was with the Contest, which attracted huge interest: 26 works were nominated, which is really great success, especially as for the first time and very short period of application and preparation. The international jury had to devote much time for familiarizing and proper estimating every work. In backstage interviews, later e-mails there were very positive comments and first opinions from sponsors/partners dealing with formula and organization of DST 2011 and also declaration, that for sure their companies will take part in next DST 2012. As we regarding the sponsor’s point of view, I don’t remember any event while our tradesmen would be such occupied by concrete conversations about our solutions presented during DST 2011. To recapitulate, the whole enterprise costed us a lot of effort, but we are sure it was worth doing.

Media patrons of this enterprise were: TV Biznes, OOH Magazine, Modern Office Manager, Gazeta Bankowa, Visual Communication, CRN, Hotelarz, Infomarket, Trade Marketer, TPSM and portals: Wirtualna Polska, Marketing przy Kawie.

The nominal sponsors of the Conference were companies: NEC Display Solutions, Infobox, DDS Poland, SQM.


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